Angry Birds Movie 2 Review – Slightly Better Than The Last One

Angry Birds Movie 2 Review – Slightly Better Than The Last One

Its was in the late 2009 and early 2010s, touchscreen smartphone is becoming more popular and devices like blackberry are pushed to the bottom of the sea. While adjourning this new era of the smartphone, we become dictated to a new era of mobile gaming as well. Click on your AppStore or Playstore and there is a high chance that you will see a red chubby bird towering above all the other game. Yes, Angry Birds is one of the pioneers of touchscreen mobile gaming that fully utilizes the touchpoint and the physic. It’s all the craze back then, at one point even the name of the game become synonymous with mobile gaming. Now, almost 10 years after its launching, Angry Birds movie got its a second attempt on conquering the box office. Yes, second. The first one was abomination. And while the sequel is not an abomination, but it is close to.

A Repeat of The OG Angry Birds Movie

You might ask “If the first movie is so bad why the hell we have the second one?” Well first, we need to acknowledge that the first attempt of the movie is pretty horrendous. It’s meet by a less favorable comment from critics and audience alike.  As many have tried before, converting video games to a movie is proofed to be a challenging task. Most of the adaptation to the big screen is failed in revenue and critics. But not for Angry Birds movie, although the reception was bad, the box office certainly isn’t. It gained 352 million worldwide revenue vs 73 million budget, which is certainly a huge profit. That’s the sole reason why we have the sequel here. Angry Birds although in declining popularity, for a better or worse is still a money-making machine.

Red Strike Again

The plot is a continuation of the previous movie, where the birds in Bird Island are in constant war with the pig in Piggy Island. The band of big bird is always trying to destroy each other until Piggy island leader, Leonard (Bill Hader) settle the score with Red (Jason Sudeikis) to halt their differences and combining forces to fight the new foe from Eagle Island, Zeta (Leslie Jones).

Zeta is trying with full force to take both Bird Island and Piggy Island after awoken from a long slumber. The unlikely companionship of bird and pig then band themselves together, trying to rescue the inhabitant of both islands. Certainly Angry Birds 2 is full of mini or even micro subplot, that trying to insert more joke into it, but perhaps a joke that nobody requested.

Same Same But Different

For a quick glance, any critics will certainly look at the movie while saying “Quick Cash Grab”. Well, the company behind it, of course, trying to do so. But did the sequel do any justice to the predecessor? For me, not so much. Yes, it does better than the first one. Its, well, it’s less irritating you might say? And perhaps a quite decent one if you keeping your hopes low enough. However, with a bunch of great movies is still on the screen, I doubt sparring your time to watch Angry Birds 2 is gonna be fun. You better find another worthwhile movie to watch rather than this, especially if you have watched the first one.

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