BEST Horror Movies of 2019 (So Far)

BEST Horror Movies of 2019 (So Far)

2019 is certainly a great year for horror fans. With a follow up/sequel from Hereditary & US hitting the theater this year and a lot of new IPs, horror fans have a lot of movies that could bring nightmare alive. Here is what I thought to be the best of the best so far in nor particular order, but I must admit I haven’t watched any indie horror this year, promise that I will watch some of them, write a review and if they are worthy, they will show up here.


I was blown away with the genius of Ari Aster with Hereditary and ready to be blown away with Midsommar. And it certainly doesn’t falter. Don’t let the bright colour tone fool you. Midsommar will send shiver down to your spine. Another great film from A24 distributor. You should check their other hit horror such as It Comes at Night, Hereditary and of course The VVitch.


A follow-up but not exactly a sequel to the brilliant Get Out. US follows a family that is tormented by their own doppelganger. This movie beside scary and its mind-boggling plot also has a few bright humor scenes. But the most striking for me is how they play with the mystery surrounding the situation. It will make you feel baffled and continue to do so after leaving the cinema.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Director Dan Gilroy team up again with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo. Never thought a Netflix movie will bring a great horror film. A brilliantly slow-burn movie with A list cast, Velvet Buzzsaw will make you question the film intention at first and slowly making its way to the horror that the actor should overcome. A great watch, and oh by the way if you are a fan of Stranger Things, you should watch this as Natalia Dyer or better known as Nancy Wheeler have a small but important role here.


Have it ever cross your mind a question; “What if baby Superman when it crash-landed on earth fall into the wrong hand or just a bad environment?”. Brightburn is kinda flinging into this question. It’s a Superman breaking bad but in a horror way. Its have a lot of potentials if they could fix some of the issues like the bland conversation, the sudden turn of Brandon from good boy to just psycho with a crazy superpower in just a short time. If they could play it slowly for the turn from good to bad it would be really amazing and then just going bat shit crazy from there. Anyway, it is a decent watch.

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