Crawl Movie Review – Killer Croc Strike Again!
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Crawl Movie Review – Killer Croc Strike Again!

Aligator Hurricane Horror Movie. That was some of the tags that I see before Crawl airing, as usual, I’m browsing through youtube to find the trailer of the movie. At first, I thought Crawl is a Sharknado sequel. Seriously I thought like that because you know, Shark Tornado, Aligator Hurricane. But why they name it Crawl? Not something more identical like Sharknado, something like Gatorcane maybe. After watching the trailer then I know this is not some slapstick comedy horror.

I feel that it’s been quite sometime when we have a good killer croc movie? I think the latest I watch this kind of croc movie is Lake Placid and Primeval. But Crawl is not your typical killer croc. It doesn’t give you a scenario where some fisherman or colleague kids swimming around in a lake somewhere in the rural area and the oversized croc came down and brutally bite them in half. Nope nope. Crawl feel like a proper horror.

Classified as Disaster Horror Movie, Crawl follow Haley Keller (Kaya Scoledario) a Florida varsity swimmer who’s on a swimming scholarship but having a problem concentrating due to her parents divorcing. Haley got a call from her sister to check on their dad, Dave (Barry Pepper). Whos apparently is out of reach when her sister tries to contact him. Dave house is on the path of Category 5 hurricane. When Haley check on him, things go from bad to holy fu*kin shit it’s a pack of an alligator! She needs to help her Dad out from the house all in all while the hurricane is rampaging outside.

Haley is portrayed brilliantly by Kaya. The relationship between the daughter and her father felt strong. However, in some part, the drama felt forced. It gives the impression of why Haley want to jeopardize her safety in the sake of His life. Experiencing parents divorce is not an easy thing. Haley is certainly doesn’t want to lose her Dad. The script at the first act like to show that her sister is having an important role as well but that just it, nothing is showing for the older sister. From the alligator part, the CGI is quite ok. Its certainly not a big-budget CGI but both the beast and the natural disaster look convincing enough. The issue of the effect is more to the overused blood and cringy sound effect. It felt like it could do better with less.

I love a great horror movie, but combining horror with disaster theme is already proven hard in the previous endeavor trying to hit the target. It’s good to see killer croc movie again but I think Crawl could done a lot better. It is a fine movie and close to become a great movie if they can address some of the issues the film had.

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