Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Movie Review – All Hail The King
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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Movie Review – All Hail The King

Let me save you a lot of time (132 minutes to be exact) before watching this movie. If you love the monster fighting genre, watch it for the monster fight. If you love a movie with basic common sense and actual plot, stay away from this movie. Plothole, common sense, realistic thinking is a trainwreck in here. A long-awaited sequel of the not so great Godzilla and Kong is just another disappointment in term of a story. Director Michael Dougherty just pushed the movie to normalized all the nonsense they have here. Ignore all the common sense just to make Godzilla fight the other titans.

Aside from the messy story, what I really appreciate is the monster design. Officially they have 17 monster/titans in the movie but lesser than that actually have screen time, well CGI budget. Aside from the og Godzilla, King Ghidorah is frighteningly awesome. Mothra is beautiful and Rodan is menacing. The lesser screen time monster that has amazing design is Behemoth. For fans that expecting Kong appearance in here, well, sad to inform you but Kong is only mentioned in here along with skull island. Kong is expected to fight Godzilla in 2020 Godzilla vs Kong movie. Most of the time I was thinking that these monster with great design is enough to redeem the hideous plot and acting from several of the cast. Boy oh boy I was wrong.
The plot starts 5 years after the first film. Monarch is still in and they are still the same stupid company as the previous one. As a sane person, I’m surprised why they aren’t killing the whole titans after the last event consumes a lot of life, it is just common sense. It is advised a lot in the movie that the world government is trying to freeze Monarch activity and during one scene when Monarch de facto leader Dr. Ishirō Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) is questioned by the US Senate they ask why the monster is not killed? Serizawa ignored the question straight leaving the meeting because of the phone. Really? Who leaves a meeting with US Senate at all? But against all odds, all of the government where Monarch has their “secret” base in doing nothing to stop yet alone killing the monster.

Most of the story then follows. Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga). A psycho renegade paleobiologist or eco-terrorist. She is the main reason why most of the titans broke free from their supposed top tier cage. Emma also has a daughter Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) which acting is good but are forced to do the stupid thing. At the first few minutes of the movie, Madison is somehow followed her mother and given entrance to the top-secret Mothra cage, what kind of top security and clearance area would allow a teenager without any business there? Another thing that bothers me from the start also when Dr. Emma told Madison that she wants her to be safe by being not with her dad but with here instead. Her Dad is Dr. Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler), Emma ex-husband. Mark is shown on the first act just photographing a wild animal, not going into the cage of a big ass monster which is clearly more dangerous than a bunch of coyotes? Just another one example about how the plot is forced to allow the monster to just wreak havoc and break from their cage to show how strong they are, all of the “top secret” and “top clearance” with a lot of “security” bases is very very easily break-in by some bunch of eco-terrorist. I mean like FFS, a place that host King Ghidorah should be secured by the whole squad of Navy Seal, 100 F-22, submarine, drones, and other WMD. Hell, Rambo should be guarding the base if necessary.

Believe me, the stupidity continues also until the end of the movie. If not for the glorious monster fight and great CGI, I wouldn’t bother watching another second of this “Monster Movie”. Speaking generously, Godzilla is passable or even good if you really love the monster fight, just don’t hold your high up with the plot as essentially it has none.

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