Hellboy (2019) Movie Review: Hellboy Is Back To Bring Its Own Franchise To Apocalypse.
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Hellboy (2019) Movie Review: Hellboy Is Back To Bring Its Own Franchise To Apocalypse.

Hellboy I & II is a great movie that is very dears to me. I love how it blends horror, action, mystery, and comedy all in one great package. It’s a genre-defining movie if you ask me. Supported by an amazing cast, some are perfect just like Ron Perlman. For us Hellboy fan, we look forward to the Hellboy III, sequel or prequel the latest Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Sadly, what arrives upon us is an abomination of a movie. One that shouldn’t even bear the Hellboy name. Just call these things a wannabe Hellboy movie, Heckboi or Heavenboy or whatever sh*t name you may find.

When I start writing Hellboy (2019) movie review, all the great memories of the old Hellboy is started to coming back. Nowadays production company thinking is creating a reboot for a quick cash grab without really thinking the quality except for a few reboots. Comparing it to the new one, Hellboy (2019) is a chaotic mess. A real mess of a reboot.
It’s a blown-up movie with blood splattered all across the camera, bad and ugly CGI, well can’t blame the bad CGI for “only” 50mil budget but still. There is no connection and chemistry at all between the cast. Hellboy (David Harbour) and Alice (Sasha Lane) are more like a father and his teenage rebellious daughter. The same for Hellboy and Trevor (Ian McShane), Hellboy adoptive father. Their dialogue and scene look very forced. It’s pretty much the opposite for the previous Hellboy. It was a beautiful romantic yet not exactly romantic between Hellboy and Liz (Selma Blair) from Hellboy 2. While Hellboy and Trevor (portrayed by Joh Hurt in the Hellboy 2) relationship in the last movie has very little screen time but their relationship felt genuine, Hellboy is not a good kid but he cares for his dad and Trevor does care for Hellboy just like his own son. The new Hellboy showed a very weird father-son relation, it wants to look comical but failed miserably. In one scene Trevor calls a SWAT team on Hellboy just to drag him out of Alice room, while he actually there watching everything and smiling. I mean, what kind of dad he is?

In term of villains, we are presented with the Blood Queen/Nimue, who was cut into pieces by King Arthur in the sixth century and has returned to exact her revenge. Portrayed quite brilliantly by Milla Jovovich in terms of look. In terms of real act, it’s just another disaster like the other cast. Her look doesn’t exactly elevate the “Final Boss” feeling you get from a great villain. Adding insult to her disappointing final showdown with Hellboy. What she does is mostly just sit down and boss her dispensable minions only for Hellboy to squash them. Only if they attach Hellboy at the same time. Same old same old stupid villain move.

In a final word, Hellboy is not just disappointing but it never gets close to its predecessor. Not even close. Its a forced movie with a bad directing and suck CGI. Sad to see David Harbour play Hellboy like this. He has a lot of potentials. We hope we can see his true potential in the next black widow movie. With worldwide revenue of 40m vs 50m budget, I highly doubt that there will be a follow up of this Hellboy reboot. Anung Un Rama is truly bringing the apocalypse to its franchise.

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