Hobbs and Shaw Movie Review: Fueled with Fun!

Hobbs and Shaw Movie Review: Fueled with Fun!

The spin-off of Fast & Furious franchise, Hobbs and Shaw is an American action movie and it is running wildly successful around the globe. Directed by David Leitch its combine adventure, action, crime, thriller, and comedy in one great package. Hobbs and Shaw will glue your body to your seat, guaranteed to watch the movie till the end. With total run time of 137 minutes, there are so many interesting characters in this movie such as the lead duo Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Adam Ganne, Axel Nu, John Tui, Sonia Goswami, Vanessa Kirby, Zuyang Sun, Teresa Mahoney, David Mumeni, Antonio Mancino, Eddie Marsan, Ruth Horrocks, Stephanie Vogt and many more. The action in this original version has become spectacularly massive and also good throughout the years. The deadly virus injected by Shaw’s sister and the enemies is chasing her for virus and Hobbs find her at first. The major character and physics are simply a proposal and the world can be only saved by a couple of men who hate each other and also working altogether.

More than a Spin-off

We follow the characters in Hobbs and Shaw, more precisely the arch-enemies become friendly rival, Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) both are great at their own but of course they do not get along at first: because of their past (if you watch Fast & Furious you will understand) and just because they are two alpha males. When a great danger arises in the type of a cyber-genetically improved soldier and also a lethal world-ending virus the alpha males are forced to work together.

What actually in the works?

The dynamic duo of Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are well known to be A-list action stars and their virtue are fit in nicely the Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw. There could not have been a more perfect pair from the Fast and Furious franchise to really put a prime a spin-off movie. The chemistry between these two is awesome. As usual, Dwayne Johnson is a power to observe and Jason Statham offers a correct outwit by being correspondingly skillful. The joint power of Hobbs and Shaw required a valuable villain and they got perfectly that with a superhuman who appears to have countless assets. On the villain side, Idris Elba plays his part very well and delivering the dialogues like “I am a black superman” with precision as he always has.

Vanessa Kirby, Shaw’s sister is also an integral portion of this film. Kirby is becoming a great addition to an action genre with the mission impossible: Fallout as well as Hobbs and Shaw beneath her belt. She is actually very modern and even she is slipping out of handcuffs as well as going into hand-to-hand battle with the evil guys. Eiza Gonzales and Helen Mirren also offer a wonderful performance in their tiny roles. With this Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw movie, you will definitely obtain what you want like shootouts, comedy, sleek cars and also over-the-top action.

Almost similar to its main franchise, it takes you all over the continents with the breathtaking scenes in Ukraine, London, Moscow, Samoa, and many more places. However, all with an assignment of saving the world from devastation and they fight hard and brutal till the end to save the world. This film has also kept the core soul of the franchise together as well as it consistently to be a whole movie about family. Moreover, a special note has to be created for the cameos, when the actors are making wonder looking, killing, punching, and other crazy stunts. Therefore, the Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw is such an entertaining watch movie, regardless of the cameos are an extra bonus.

Could it be better?

The story of this movie has some great and wonderful ideas that appear slightly more artificial. A run time of 137 minutes is looking quite lengthy and could have used quite more editing.

Hobbs and Shaw or Fast and Furious?

Definitely, the Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw are a must-watch this season, even more, if you are a big fan of franchise action star series like Jason Statham, The Rock or fun action movies. Even if you prefer to not to see any of the previous movies to have an utter explosion with this action-packed Fast and Furious ride. It also managed to slip back post-credits, just like the big superheroes movies do. Stay back for a lot of fun and after the movie ends and there are some mid-credits scenes as well as a post-credit scene will catch your of guard while watching.

The humor is slight but well placed and the story is a bit fast-paced on this movie. An extension of a hit franchise that is well known for its speed, of course, Hobbs and Shaw set on generous and quick-paced fights, guns, gadgets, car chases and don’t forget about the heavyweight style fight. Both Statham and Johnson who also aid as producers have dragged out the entire stops. They also appear to have rifled via their contact list as well as roped in a host of the attractive guest looks that include Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, and Helen Mirren.

Bottom line

Doesn’t matter if you love or hate the Fast & Furious franchise, Hobbs and Shaw are so heavy in action and that is why many people would like to watch this action-packed franchise movie. For me, it blows even their predecessor. When compared to any other movies belong to a similar genre, the Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw have been majorly on that single action scene, which can ensure you that you will go crazy in your seat at least in your mind. David Leitch rejects the opinion of superior up to that single breaking point and also laid his canvas consistently. You might also get to know more on the individuals behind the hard exteriors and implausible muscles as well. Furthermore, the banters, sharp one-liners, and cameos are all available in this Hobbs and Shaw movie. This amazing movie delivers more than what its undertakings. It is a rock-hard adrenaline-pumping movie with a steadfast concentration. Full of pure fun and without all the bs. Book your ticket now and have a great time.

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