‘Joker’ Is Trending! One Of The Most Anticipated Movie This Fall!
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‘Joker’ Is Trending! One Of The Most Anticipated Movie This Fall!

There are a few movies that I really anticipated this year and one of them is Joker. Not only because I appreciate any comic book movie that goes into the adult rating, but it also has a great, I say again, a great cast. Of course, we will see Joaquin Phoenix in all of its weirdness as the Clown Prince of Crime, but we will also see legendary actor Rober De Niro. Phoenix has starred in a lot of great movies and he is quite a method actor. One of his recent performance that I really appreciate is ‘You Were Never Really Here’ and ‘The Sisters Brothers’

Greatest DC Hype?

The hype around the film is not only because of the great cast, but it is all about the name, the ‘Joker’ name. People that really impressed by Joker that is played by Heath Ledger are keen to see hows the new Joker is. Is it up to their expectation? Or will it ruin again, just like ‘Jared Leto Clown Prince of Crime?’

The chance that this next Joker will be nowhere around Leto’s. Now, I don’t say Leto is a bad actor, he is a great actor but his portrayal of the famous villain is different. His Joker never gets much-needed screen time and designed to be as is. While the new Joker movie is taking a path that is probably similar to The Dark Knight. Why I say similar? Well if you see from a critics perspective, The Dark Knight is never about the Batman. It’s always about The Joker.

A New Origin

The new film is focusing heavily on Joker origin. How an ordinary man named Arthur Fleck, come to a series of bad luck and just changing the man in one snap, to become the Clown Prince of Crime. One of the interesting parts is that Director Todd Philips has spoken to press that he is not taking any of the Joker comic book origins. So this is an origin of its own. Fans are quite divided by this decision, but for me, I’m thrilled. I believe its a great decision. You know, DC movies have been not quite up to their arch-nemesis, Marvel this recent time. Their mashup for the Justice League is a disaster, however, their current line up is quite promising. Starting with the Wonderwoman, Aquaman, and Shazam. Certainly, Joker is taking a different route than the family-friendly adaptation, but I think it is for the best. If you can’t compete with your rival on the same structure, you need to try a newer approach. Perhaps Joker is the answer.

Speaking of rivalry, whatever your expectation of Joker is, its box office will not be comparable to the Avengers. Joker box office prediction is actually quite good, it is expected to be more or less on the same level on its previous DC precursor included the Suicide Squad. To be precise, Boxofficepro expected that Joker will make around 60-90 million on its opening weekend. For an adult-rated movie, that’s quite a high hope. Now if you remember, the last comic book adaptation that has an adult-rated movie that has a great box office on its opening weekend is Logan, one of the best comic book adaptation in my eyes. For me its better than the Avengers. Joker, in a critic perspective and fans, it thinks it will live up to the expectation. The Joker name only will attract a lot of audience without that much of marketing. Aside from the box office, not only it’s predicted to gain much profit, but it also predicted to win a lot of awards, including Oscar.

Expected to Success

Of course, everything that I said above is pretty much just a prediction. But seeing the talent behind the movie, the plot, even the rating, I put my bet high in ‘Joker’. I believe it would be one of the best movies of this year.

Joker will be premiered worldwide on October 4th.

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