Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Review:  Close To The Last
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Movie Review: Close To The Last

The 9th film from Quentin Tarantino, certainly not the last one but close to.

The man itself says that he will stop at 10th. So, is the new movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, live up to Tarantino names and does it really serve its purpose as the near closing of his career? In a way it does and in a way it doesn’t.

Quentin Tarantino name itself is almost like a guarantee for a great movie. Combined with the star power of the star-studded cast, DiCaprio, Pitt, Russel, Robbie, Fanning, and even Pacino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood couldn’t get anymore merrier. Armed with the 60s vibe, it is ready to take the audience on the wild ride of Hollywood in its most glamorous time.

The plot is circling around on a former western movie star named Rick Dalton (Leonard Dicaprio) and his partner in crime, friend and stunt double, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). Booth, a war veteran is allegedly killed his wife and somewhat never got charged, virtually render him to any job by himself, he relies on Dalton connection to get a job.

The other cast is sprawling around in this multi-layered movie. Both DiCaprio and Booth are fantastic. Tarantino allows the big start to really deliver what he thought the best of these two great actors can do. The plot just works, you will really understand how Tarantino shoots and directing after watch this ninth movie of his. And of course, if you waiting on the usual blood bath at the end of Tarantino movie, it’s there ?.

Still, with a lot of big names and star power, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is having a hard time to recoup its budget. With a reported budget of 90-96 million, at the time of this writing, its only make 81 million. It is sad to think for a movie of this caliber failed to catch the attention of the general audience.

With the explosion of superhero movie, a movie like this, brand new IP, not a remake, I understand now why the production and distribution company is hesitating to create something like this. A great movie, after all, is never a guarantee of a great return. It’s a risk for them. Personally, I’m scared, scared for the future when a great movie like this will just disappear due to the lack of box office its generated.

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