Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review – Is It Really Far From Home?
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Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review – Is It Really Far From Home?

The first in line of the Marvel Universe standalone film after “End Game” is, well, un-surprisingly entertaining. “Spider-Man Far From Home” is not trying to catch its predecessor in terms of revenue of course. But oh boy it does came close for a movie with just one main super hero, quite the opposite of the Avengers. “Spider-Man” opened to generally positive reviews, and in its first week has amassed a bountiful $185 million in North America and nearly $600 million worldwide.

Spidey (Tom Holland) continue its swing this time fighting the “Elementals”, giant nature-monsters that wreck cities at will. Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) shows up and make a new pair of super hero in the form of Spiderman and Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal), who is accidentally dubbed “Mysterio” by Peter’s friends.

Holland, as usual is a great choice, not only showing its true nerd and acrobatic capability but he certainly the perfect fit to portray teenage Spidey. The new kid “Mysterio” is no slouch either. Gyllenhaal character blend perfectly with the Marvel cinematic universe. There was a time when its first announced that “Mysterio” will be in the new Spidey movie. I was skeptic about the design. Will it look as silly as the comic will be? Well it turns out the team is doing a really impressive job to make Gyllenhaal character look great but not abandoning its original design. While Fury is keeping the mean look. I thing we all know what Fury now mean to Parker. I quote this from the wiki page “the mean new stepdad”.

In all seriousness “Far From Home”is mostly the same formula like all of the Marvel Studio superhero film. Explosions√, sky scrapper slinging√, credit scene√. Honestly I’m not bored by it. The formula works (most of the time) perfectly and it will certainly glue your bottom the entire movie.  


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