Stuber Movie Review – Stupidly Named Buddy Cop Movie
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Stuber Movie Review – Stupidly Named Buddy Cop Movie

Alright, so first thing first. What the frick is Stuber? Is it a food? a car? a place? a person? the director name? Well, its turn out it is a combination of the main character name which is Stu Prasad (Kumail Nanjiani) and Uber. Yup. Stu is an Uber driver, Stuber, get it? They should get a better name; ffs you can pay people $5 in fiverr to get a better name for your movie.

Aside from the stupidly named Stu(ber) Stu partner is named Drax err.. better known in this movie as Victor “Vic” Manning (Dave Bautista). Vic is a father, LAPD detective, just another typical bad-ass but kind detective stereotype. The pair created quite a lovable leads though while Iko Uwais star as Oka Tedjo, drug trafficker and straight badass. Iko is kind of a wasted talent in this movie. He does what he does better. But he could have done or instructed to done a lot more for the movie. Not just showing him for the martial art. Don’t get me wrong here, the martial art is beautiful, but that just it. Nothing special is done for Iko.

Stuber is a 93 minutes old school buddy cop movie including the typical people shoot people, people kick and punch people, slapstick comedy, yada yada yada. Anyway aside from the stupid name, the movie is a hit and miss. You will find them here speeding through the downtown Los Angeles throwing some unfunny joke and killing some people. Stuber is an R rated movie, cool to see some bloods and guts flying (what you will expect from a movie starring Iko Uwais?), while most of the movie release this time is PG-13.

All in all, while Stuber is not particularly a heavy hitter but it is a refreshing take on this month release from all the big budget movie (Lion King, Spider-Man, etc.). If you love 80’s buddy cop action movie and if you love martial art, well Stuber is certainly a must watch. Just don’t expect much from it.

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