The Hustle Movie Review: Just The Same Old Gender Bender.
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The Hustle Movie Review: Just The Same Old Gender Bender.

From the start, The Hustle seems to target itself for failure.

An unfunny attempt to recreate all-time classic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The Hustle follows the unsuccessful attempt of its similar kind by creating a female lead version of a great movie (Ghostbuster, Ocean 8). Don’t get me wrong here, I appreciate a great female role, but Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson don’t give their best performance here. The film does try to take a fresh version of the legendary movie, but of course, its fail miserable and couldn’t live up to the name of its predecessor.

Bad thing aside, one thing that I appreciate is Hustle plot doesn’t really follow Dirty Rotten Scoundrels plot frame by frame. The story tells two female con artist, Josephine (Anna Hathaway) and Penny (Rebel Wilson). The duo starts to realize they can con people easier and squeeze more money from them if they working together especially toward rich man. Its an old and simple formula of course, just given a gender swap. As time grows and when Penny starts to learn more under Josephine wings, the pair start a competition of who can trick their way out to the rich tech guy, Thomas Westerburg.

The plot actually works if they can really make it interesting. But every conversation seems boring. Every comedy scene is the same old scene that we have seen before. Its bring nothing new and nothing exciting. Its also all over the place, never put the audience into the thrill of watching a con plan start and making its way to the end of the plan. It just scattered. Typical bland comedy movie without a real plot.

In the end, though, Hustle is not a box office bomb. It manages to score 95 million worldwide vs 21 million budget. A great return for a movie that really bored you to death. Watch it if you have really nothing to watch in your cinema. But I really doubt you can’t find a better movie than Hustle right now as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood & Hobbs & Shaw is already airing right now.

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