WORST Movies of 2019 (So Far)

WORST Movies of 2019 (So Far)

Ahh that time of the year again. We are nearly 3/4 of 2019 and yet the disappointment is kept pouring in! Take a look at some of the movie that we think should be on the list below (in no particular order):


An A list cast doesn’t always mean an A list movie. Look Serenity for an example, it has Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jason Clark yet it successfully making it a wildly weird and boring movie.


A failed attempt of recreating Guillermo del Toro’s amazing world of Hellboy. Wasting the talent of David Harbour rising stardom.

Dark Phoenix

It supposed to be an epic last film from FOX before the final leg of the IP transfer to Disney. It doesn’t. The movie feels bland and really nothing epic coming from it. Logan is the best and most proper finale for all the x-men movie.

Men in Black

It’s a Man in Black movie without its og lead role, Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith. Should I say more?

Trading Paint

The final nail in the coffin for Travolta career perhaps. It’s hurt to see the man act in this abomination. It’s a hat trick for Travolta, with the previous two being Gotti & Speed Kills.
I nominate this movie for the worst of the worst movie of 2019.

The Hustle

Another Anne Hathaway film that fails this year. Cliché plot, unfunny comedy. It is just that bad.


With all the light directed to our beloved Keanu Reeves this year, he still has a failure. The man is not God in the end (or does he?) Replicas is just a boring futuristic movie. I think the director wants to use Keanu because he’s in some way are still connected to a lot of the Matrix fan theory, one that is in the same theme with Replicas plot.


Anna is Luc Besson failure attempt to recreate the badass/nearly superhero powered/ female Fatale. It fails to capture the atmosphere of its predecessor like Lucy & Salt.

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